How to get rid of deodorant stains on shirts

Simply gather a clean piece of fabric from another area of the stained shirt, and rub the clean fabric on the deodorant stain. The stain will totally disappear. It sounds crazy, but it’s always worked for me, no matter the fabric.

I too am wondering this.
I have some black shirts that have this caked on white deodorant stains on them. Washed them in various temperatures of water. They just build up and is now like a white hardened glue like material.
If you don’t mind me asking, what brand of deodorant are you using?

This should cover what you want to know
If you don’t want to read it pretty much says White Vinegar can be used for just almost all types of fabric. If you want to try it I recommend reading the article so you don’t ruin anything.

Also, I recently made the switch from antiperspirant to straight up deodorant (no white cakey stuff) – it has made a HUGE difference in my washing. I was a little surprised how difficult it was to find any regular deodorant. I ended up buy Tom’s All Natural. I
This isn’t for everybody, as we all have different levels of perspiration, but I’m never going back.
I’ve had some success soaking clothes in Woolite, giving special treatment to the stains (applying soap directly to the underarm stains and letting it soak for a half hour to an hour).

Try first soaking it for a while in warm water then rub the fabric together to loosen up the crud a bit. Try to scrape off as much excess as you can without damaging the fabric if it’s really cakey. Run warm water through the stain and sprinkle some borax on it, not tons but enough to see the borax on the fabric and rub the fabric together to scrub again, then launder as usual.
Also, mom always told me not to machine dry anything stained. Not to say that if you’ve already put it through the dryer your screwed. It’s just that the dryer kind of bakes the stains on, making removal harder. So just try not to machine dry it again until you’ve fixed the stain as much as possible.
Hope this helps.

How to organize your computer


Much like organizing physical objects, everything needs a place.
I recommend starting with vague folders – use the system libraries (My Documents, My Music, My Pictures, My Videos), and then establish sub-folders below them. You have a bunch of pictures from the Internet? Make a folder called “From The Internet”, and dump EVERYTHING into it. Have a bunch of videos? (Porn, shows, movies, etc.), dump them all into My Videos, indiscriminately.
Then, after you have all of the items moved into their respective folders, you pick one. I always like doing Videos. So you go into My Videos, and you separate “Movies” from “Shows” from “Porn”, and so on. Then you go into “Movies”, and you make sure everything has a proper file name, works, etc.
Just go through and do this with all the folders, and it should make the job a lot simpler – along with providing you with natural intervals at which you can stop and do something else.

I was going to post the exact same thing. I’ve been doing this for years now and this WORKS!
I would like to add something that works for me when it comes to managing MASS data, IE: Photos! I adopted digital photography almost 15 years ago (wow) so … I needed some way to collect it, maintain it and get to it quickly…Like the poster above me, I start in “My Pictures” then…
My_Pictures -> Digital_Camera_Photos -> Archive 1998
My_Pictures -> Digital_Camera_Photos -> Archive 1999

My_Pictures -> Digital_Camera_Photos -> Archive 2011
My_Pictures -> Digital_Camera_Photos -> 01.01.2012-New_Years_Day
My_Pictures -> Digital_Camera_Photos -> 02.14.2012-Valentines_Day

My_Pictures -> Digital_Camera_Photos -> 12.25.2012-Christmas_Day
So then at the end of the year, I move all of the monthly photos into a “2012 Archive” folder and repeat the process going in to 2013…
This makes for a real clean Photo Library that is organized by the filesystem (don’t use other applications that organize for you. They will fuck it all up) It is quickly accessable, logical and easy to understand. You want to get to photos from the camping trip last summer? “Archive 2011 -> 07.12.2011_Camping_Trip”
This method works well with portable phone photos as well. Just move the photos in blocks according to the month based on the creation date.
We should also talk about BACKING up your shit too…For those of you with multiple hard drives (non RAID) for storage, be careful not to have unique items on them. That is dangerous. Instead, use a single LARGE drive like a 2TB drive then use SmartSyncPro for PC or Carbon Copy Cloner for Mac and do a daily sync to the external 2TB drive. Then every 3 months, rotate the 2TB drive with another, putting the older 2TB drive in a firesafe or bank vault. This protects you several ways:
1) In the event of drive failure, the immediate portable device covers you and you only have <1 day loss
2) In the event of a catastrophic disaster (house burns down, theft, flood, meteor, etc) you lose both local drives but the one you put in a vault has no more than 3 months of data loss. That should be acceptable for a catastrophic event.
This method is so brain-dead simple and requires user intervention every 3 months (swapping of external large HD) that everyone with a computer SHOULD be doing this.
I’ve been doing IT work since 1982, I’m old as fuck and there is no way I will lose my important data like family photos. I know this post was extra long but you seriously need to think about this shit if you care for the things on your computers.

Reducing amount of dust at your home

our home

Some ideas to help you:

1. I’d imagine keeping your bedroom windows closed is a bad thing. You know the whole indoor air is worse than outdoor air thing. More ventilation. Then again, when you’re cleaning, maybe you dont need a breeze going through your house.
2. Vacuum your mattress every time you change your sheets (1-2 weeks). You’ll sleep better too. I do at least. Good time to flip your mattress if you’re into that.
What type of sweeping do you do? Steam mop? Swiffer? Certain types pick up dust better than others. Works to get up pet hair and debris from two shedding corgis!
Also, get your vents and air ducts cleaned once a year.
3. I heard you can re-use Pledge dusting wipes if you wash them and they are useful for dusting furniture. I find microfiber is great at picking up and keeping dust too but it picks up everything else too, e.g. sand, which can scratch wood if you dust some furniture after.
4. Higher qualify HVAC filters (Not sure if they’re worth the money, I wait until ACE has them on sale), I get 1-2 levels above shitty blue filter level so that I still get a more reasonable pressure drop.
5. Maybe a silly question, but how well do you scrub when you shower? Do you just stick soap on your skin and move it around? Well, get small bathing towel or real loofah or something and scrub well.
6. How often do you properly clean your vacuum filters? Vacuums usually have 2-3 filters, a HEPA, an actual cannister filter/bag, and a motor filter. Keep them clean or replace.
7. If you have a garage, sweep that too once in a while. Theres always a lot of dust in there that can hover in as you open the door or walk through.
8. Get a swiffer sweeper (generic pads work just as well and are super cheap) or a mop, regular dusters or brooms mostly move around dust, not remove it. Change your bedding frequently. Take your rugs outside and clean them frequently.